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contact-lens-wearPrescription contact lenses have been around for nearly 100 years. Today there are more contact lens options than ever. Prestige Eyewear, located in Garden City, MI, has been an ECP (Eye Care Professional) for our customers since 1989. Having knowledge and experience is a valued and trusted part of our business.

As your ECP, Prestige Eyewear will provide you with all the information you need to know about the contact lenses you will wear. Information like, your wear schedule and replacement schedule. In regards to your wear schedule there are typically three types of lenses; DW (Daily Wear), EW (Extended Wear) and CW (Continuous wear).

  • Daily wear contact lenses are designed to be worn daily and removed prior to to your sleep schedule.
  • Extended wear contact lenses are designed for longer period of time up to 6 or 7 days.
  • Continuous wear contact lenses are designed for wear up to 30 consecutive nights.

Replacement Schedule For Your Contact Lenses
In most instances, contact lenses are categorized by their replacement schedule. Single use lenses are referred to as 1-day or daily disposable lenses and are removed and discarded after 1 use. Other disposable lenses are designed for two week or four week replacement. Lenses with different replacement schedules can be made of the same materials, however the differences in the manufacturing process determines if the lens will be daily disposable lens or a two or four week replacement lens.

In regards to materials, there are three types of lenses. Rigid Lenses, Soft Lenses and Hybrid Lenses.

  • Rigid Lenses are made of polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA or Perspex / Plexiglas). A disadvantage of these lenses is that they do not allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea, which can cause a number of adverse clinical events. One of the advantages of wearing a hard lens is they are more chemically inert, allowing them to be worn in more challenging environments.
  • Soft lenses are made of polymacon. Soft lenses are usually more comfortable  shortly after insertion. The best improvement to the soft lens polymers have been the increasing oxygen permeability, lens wet-ability and overall comfort. So much so, that overnight wear (extended wear) was approved in 1998.
  • Hybrid lenses consist of a rigid center and a soft 'skirt.' This technique is chosen to give the corrective benefits of a rigid lens and comfort of a soft lens

Prestige Eyewear will guide you through all the necessary information in making the best choice for your contact lens.

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